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We are a boutique consultancy that help biopharma companies remove blind spots through rigorous research and omics data analysis to uncover insights.

Have higher confidence in your milestones! We offer wide-range of research and bioinformatics services.

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Have you wondered if you may be missing important information relevant to your disease, target, or biomarker trapped in published paper or data somewhere?

Do you need to analyze your omics data or verify your results to commit to a decision?

Do you have data from CROs you wish to harmonize and synthesize with your existing data?

Ever wonder if there are corroborating or contrarian evidence somewhere? Are you open to alternative data interpertations?

Are you looking for deep market research or due diligence on an omics topic? Get in touch to get started!

Why? Because accelerating toward the wrong path is painful. Let us help!

We believe the synthesis of multi dimensional viewpoints is crucial to unraveling intricate mysteries in biomarker discovery and drug development.

We can assemble weak signals across literature and multiple omics modalities to better inform your decision making. We research your problem space, leverage relevant public omics data, analyze, and synthesize them with your proprietary data to empower decision-making.

We help with anticipating roadblocks and mitigate risks. Explore our services.

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A sample of past clients include: Atreca, Corcept, Grail, Invitae, MedWhat & Natera.

We are driven by impact, curiosity and value scientific rigor.


We specialize in understanding your unique problem deeply.

With over two decades of research and bioinformatics consulting services experience, spanning molecular diagnostics, biomarker discovery, and clinical trial analysis in many therapeutic areas, we are up to the challenge of solving high impact problems.

We offer three main types of services:

data mining

Data Mining

  • data curation

  • data wrangling

  • data management

  • data harmonization

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Omics Analysis and Audit

  • data (re)analysis

  • data visualization

  • statistical analysis

  • applied machine learning

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Research Deep Dives

  • literature review

  • market research

  • genuine curiosity

  • domain knowledge


  • served as first bioinformatician analyzing omics data and optimize experimental parameters for product development

  • advised and mentored bioinformaticians on omics pipeline development

  • reanalyzed public cancer omics data and integrated with proprietary data

  • built computational pipeline for immune repertoire data analysis

  • curated public single cell transcriptomic datasets related to age-related diseases

  • survival analysis (ORR, PFS) of clinical trial data

  • market research and product strategy for pharmacogenomic diagnostic product

  • due diligence on omics or precision health startups


To accommodate changing priorities, we believe flexible partnerships bring the most value. We offer monthly subscriptions that can be paused or cancelled at anytime.

Typical engagement is as follows:

  • we start with a call to understand your goals

  • after executed NDA, we help to define a well-scoped first request

  • we propose solutions with your input on how to solve them

  • regular updates are provided and feedback welcomed to ensure alignment

  • additional requests can be submitted anytime but only one request can be worked on at a time

*Custom or additional (embedded/on-site) support may be available.


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Research & Bioinformatics Services

We've worked on many interesting projects, though we can't always share them publicly. Reach out via form below, send a quick note to [email protected], or book a time here.
You will be contacted in one business day.

We do not use your personal information in any other way or form and do not share it with a third party.

Thanks for reaching out. We look forward to partnering with you!

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We offer flexible working partnerships.
Finding high quality omics data can be a slog. We filter for quality public omics datasets and/or analyze and integrate your proprietary data to help you make biologically relevant decisions.
Moreover, we also offer second opinion or audits to explore alternate data interpretations.
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  • Mining and synthesizing of public omics databases for insights (eg. DepMap, TCGA)

  • Research deep dives (diligence, market research, clinical trial synthesis)

  • Custom omics data analysis (e.g. genome, transcriptome, epigenome, proteome, metabolome)

  • Omics data analysis audit (e.g. genome, transcriptome, epigenome, proteome, metabolome)